Donna Brazile: Devote time daily to racial cleansing


Is this one of those terms like “cracker” that people mistake as a slur when it’s actually a “proud nod” to one’s ancestry? Because whenever we’ve heard about ethnic cleansing in the news, it’s been a very, very bad thing (except for CNN’s own ethnic purge — that was pretty funny). Racial cleansing must mean something entirely different. In this case it means looking out for subtle racial overtones and observing Independence Day by sharing your racial biases.




However the journey works, the destination is the same: color blindness.


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Will talk with Subhash Velingkar’s aide: RSS – Times of India

RSS on Friday shot down ousted Goa unit chief Subhash Velingkar’s move to launch an independent group reporting directly to the Sangh headquarters in Nagpur. “Goa unit will remain part of Konkan ‘prant’ (division). Its new officebearers will be announced soon,” said prachar pramukh Manmohan Vaidya in a tweet.

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